Have you heard the news? We’re very excited about it! It’s been a crazy busy summer for our company and in between opening new accounts (more on that in another post soon!), jetting off to tradeshows and working on new products and flavors, we’ve spent hours upon hours planning out this new adventure. Curious yet?

After a serendipitous meeting in early spring out at Expo West, we’re thrilled to announce that has received an investment from the incredibly awesome crew at BrandProject. BrandProject is a company creation studio whose team is armed with years of experience building some of the world’s leading consumer product brands.

When the co-founders over at BrandProject heard that our founder, Steven Singer, was on a mission to help people snack smarter they knew they wanted to get involved. Passionate about our products – copious amounts of salt & vinegar chips were consumed during our initial meetings – and excited by Steven’s past success as the co-founder of Glutino, it was clear to the BrandProject team that Live.Love.Snack was onto something big. Very BIG. With a wealth of experience and impressive track record, together we’ve started laying out the blueprints to build a master brand of healthy snacks across a variety of categories.

So, after dozen of conference calls, face-to-face meetings and brainstorming sessions, we’re thrilled to finally be able to share the news about this new collaboration as we start planning the huge opportunities we see ahead for Live Love Snack.

Let’s go Snack Smarter!

Here’s the official press release