About LLS a little bit of history...

Our Story

Live.Love.Snack™…almost says it all about the way the Founder Steven “Squish” Singer sees life. Really it could be Live.Love.Laugh…or You Only Live Once! After Singer helped bring gluten-free products across Canada and the USA, he felt it was time to help America snack smarter. At 41, he understands that millennials still want to snack but want to eat healthier. Love Love Snack brings the perfect snacks where snack meets health. Where everyone can snack, kids or adults, health conscious or not, big or small, allergens or not! Live.Love.Snack™ has created addictive and delicious range of healthy snacks with great nutritional attributes…enjoy them and remember, live life to the fullest!

Our Founder

Steven J. Singer was the Co-Founder and President of the Glutino Food Group, the North American leader in gluten-free products. Montreal based Glutino began as a small Company in 1999 in a virtually unknown gluten-free niche and Singer helped steer the Company to over 65 million in sales by 2010 across North America. Glutino was acquired by Boulder Brands (NASDAQ:BDBD) in August 2011. Glutino had a range of over 80 gluten-free products, 3 manufacturing facilities, and co-pack manufacturing partners worldwide including in Italy, Israel, and Australia. Singer, whose popular nickname is Squish, brings his wealth of experience from Glutino to start-up Live.Love.Snack™. “Everyone wants to snack but we can’t forget about our health and eating right” said Squish “Live.Love.Snack’s mission is to bring health and snack together. After all, You Only Live Once! Enjoy…and careful, they’re addictive!!”